The expert story of CosMENtis.

CosMENtis, the preferred partner for beauty professionals.

CosMENtis is the Number One partner for superior quality skin improvement for men. MEN3, our range of shaving and skincare products, is the fruit of Katleen Vrombaut’s search for effective, health-boosting, conditioning products exclusively for men’s skin. A fascinating story of determination and innovation!

Introducing Katleen

‘Through my training and experience as a pharmacist, I became completely fascinated by cosmeceuticals and what they mean for the skin. It struck me more and more that there are very few effective grooming products available on the market for men. Often, what is available are derivatives of women’s skincare lines, and these products aren’t at all tailored to men’s needs; their skin differs from women’s in essential ways. The hormone testosterone determines the properties of men’s skin and gives it a different structure than women’s skin. Men’s skin has more collagen, elastin, sebum and hair follicles. The skin is thicker and oilier yet also less hydrated and therefore needs more moisturising. Men develop wrinkles later, but they are deeper. Isn’t it logical that male skin also reacts differently than female skin to the ingredients and textures of care products?

This idea triggered my passion to offer effective cosmeceuticals for men. I’ve also always had the urge to be an entrepreneur. That’s why after 8 years as a licensed pharmacist, I worked in the pharmaceutical industry for 10 years to deepen and sharpen my knowledge. Then my search for the most innovative and effective products began. It took me to many places in the world. The import and distribution of 4VOO in the Benelux was the basis CosMENtis: bridging pharmaceuticals and men´s skincare. Due to the unexpected deaths of the owners and developers of 4VOO, production of the range stopped worldwide in 2021. This rupture gave me the incentive to take the plunge and expand the MEN3 shaving line with my own MEN3 skincare line. The challenge? Achieving even better results with fewer products than I did with 4VOO. Mission accomplished!

All MEN3 products are formulated, developed and tested in my home country, Belgium, under the strictest quality controls with experienced chemists. Manly, manlier, manliest remains the ambition of all my products, in quality, use, results and appearance.’

You and CosMENtis.

CosMENtis works only with professionals. MENcare experts are carefully selected and trained to provide qualified advice on shaving and grooming with our products. You might be the ideal advisor to show men how to turn their shaving and grooming job into a favourite ritual.

MEN³ is exclusively for:

  • Beauty Professionals
  • Beauty clinics and medi-spas
  • High-end hair stylists
  • Luxury concept stores

Together, building a successful partnership.

We support your success.

  • Regional exclusivity
  • Fair profit margins
  • POS support, ready-to-use images and copy for your marketing campaigns
  • The MEN3 brand and promotions exclusively for MENcare experts
  • Our advice and knowledge-sharing on consumer approach best practices
  • Our coaching you to become the perfect MENcare expert

MEN³ product advantages.

  • Specially developed to improve men’s skin, prevent problems, and keep it healthy and taut.
  • MEN³ shaving and skincare have been researched and developed since 2001
  • Unique, patented products made 100% in Belgium
  • Future-forward, eco-friendly pharmaceutical formulations
  • 80%-90% natural, pure ingredients

Interested in becoming a MEN3 distributor?

Any questions?

Do you have a question about the sale or use of MEN³? Leave your message via this link and one of our experts will answer you as soon as possible.


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