MEN³ Pocket Beard comb (10 pieces in a set)


“If you wear a beard, you probably know about the beard comb. But what is the difference between a beard comb and a regular comb?

The main difference between a beard comb and a regular comb is the spacing between the teeth. Beard combs have wider teeth than regular combs because facial hair is typically thicker and curlier than head hair. This makes it easier to style your beard with a beard comb, especially if you’re using products like beard balm or beard wax.

Beard combs are also thicker and smaller than regular combs. This helps to prevent your beard hairs from getting tangled while you’re combing. Beard combs can be used on both sides, so you can use them to comb both thick and thin beards.


Because beard combs are used multiple times a day, a pocket-sized beard comb is ideal for carrying with you.


When you also use products like MEN³ balm in your beard, styling with a beard comb becomes much easier. A beard comb is therefore thicker and smaller than a normal comb. It ensures that your beard hair does not get tangled during combing. You can use a beard comb on two sides, allowing you to comb through thick and thin beard growth.

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