Eco-friendly disposable salon textiles

Scrummi’s luxurious, single-use salon textiles are 100% biodegradable. They’re as good for your budget as they are for the planet, made entirely in the EU from certified sustainable sources of eucalyptus and cedar fibres. scrummiimproves hygiene, saves money, increases productivity, and reduces your carbon footprint, all in one go.

Make your business ready for the future… Nothing but advantages…

100% Hygienic

Customers appreciate having a fresh towel or wrap, every time. They’ll never see a faded, tired one.

Great look and feel

Highest quality, sustainable vegan materials create a luxurious look and super-soft touch with the same power to absorb as cotton.

No more laundry!

Towels and accessories are used just once and go away.

  1. Less expensive to buy than cotton towels, you’ll also save on laundry supplies, water, electricity, and labour.

  2. Textiles decompose within 8-12 weeks in compost (like an orange peel), even waterproof capes and aprons. Lower your salon’s CO2 emissions with ease.

  3. A sustainable luxury, scrummi delights clients and is ideal for drastically reducing the beauty industry’s impact on the environment.

Environmentally friendly and sustainable – The eco revolution!

Any questions?

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