My passion, my story.

Due to my education and background as a pharmacist, I became immensely fascinated by cosmeceuticals and their significance for the skin. It became increasingly apparent to me that there are very few effective skincare products available on the market for men. Often, they are derivatives of skincare lines for women that are not tailored to the unique characteristics of men’s skin. As you experience on a daily basis, men’s skin differs significantly from women’s skin.

The hormone testosterone determines the properties of men’s skin and gives it a different structure than women’s skin. Men’s skin contains more collagen, elastin, sebum/hair follicles. The skin is thicker, oilier, but also less hydrated and therefore requires more moisture. While men may develop wrinkles less quickly, they tend to be deeper. It is logical that this skin also reacts differently to the ingredients and textures of skincare products, isn’t it?”

That triggered my passion to offer effective cosmeceuticals for men myself. Additionally, there has always been an urge for entrepreneurship. That is why I switched to the pharmaceutical industry after 8 years as a community pharmacist, where I could sharpen my knowledge for 10 years. And then my search for the most innovative and effective products began. It took me to many places around the world.

The import and distribution of 4VOO in the Benelux is the foundation and raison d’être of CosMENtis: bridging pharmaceuticals and men’s skincare. Due to the unexpected death of the owners of 4VOO, production of the product line was discontinued worldwide in 2021. This gave me the proverbial push to take the plunge and expand the MEN3 shaving line with its own MEN3 skincare line. The challenge? To achieve even stronger results with fewer products than with 4VOO. Mission accomplished!

The MEN³ brand is formulated, monitored, and developed by experienced chemists in my home country Belgium under the strictest quality controls. It remains the intended goal for all my products in terms of quality, use, result, and appearance.

Human³, Inspiring³, Pure³.

HUMAN: MEN³ products see the light of day only when all details are correct, and they truly meet HIS needs!

INSPIRING: MEN³ doesn’t seek temporary trends. The focus is on a long-term relationship with innovative and super-powerful ingredients that deliver the desired result for a lifetime.

PURE: MEN³ is pure from ingredient to packaging.

Any questions?

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