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As we age, starting from around the age of 25, our own collagen synthesis decreases, and we gradually notice signs of aging. The skin becomes drier and loses its firmness. Fine lines, age spots, and wrinkles become visible. Hair becomes thinner, and both men and women experience more hair loss. Some of your clients may suddenly experience eczema

Using collagen as a supplement in their daily skincare routine will result in a reduction of pigmentation spots, dark circles around the eyes, age lines, and wrinkles. Their hair will also benefit from it. Additionally, collagen provides fantastic support for muscles and joints.

Instructions for Use

During the initial phase, we recommend drinking 2 bottles per day (1 in the morning and 1 in the evening) for 14 days to 1 month to boost the skin. This is equivalent to 2 doses of 5 grams of collagen.

Afterward, it’s best to continue with 1 bottle per day to maintain the results. Take photos of your client after 30, 60, and 90 days. This way, you can ensure that the improvements are clearly visible to both you and your client. Tip: Store the bottles in the refrigerator for a delicious taste!


Because pictures speak louder than words, here’s a selection of results.

Don’t miss this chance to experience it yourself

As a beauty professional, you want to offer visible results to your customers, right? That’s why we think it’s very important that you are convinced yourself first. Test the bottles yourself.

See the results! Take pictures on day 1, day 30 and day 60 of your skin and/or other areas that you want to improve. You can order a 60-day Collagen Elixir course directly from Isagenix. This is the company we work with.

How to order as a beauty professional?

  1. Click on this link or scan the QR code below (for Belgian customers).
    If you want to order from the Netherlands, click on this link.
  2. Create an account with your VAT number (so you get an expense invoice for your accounting).
  3. Your order will be delivered to your salon within 3-4 working days.
  4. For a course of 60 bottles (2 months) you pay € 226.59 (€ 3.5 / day) if you choose an automatic order*

*The automatic order can be changed or stopped at any time without any conditions or obligations. This can be done very easily from your own customer account.

Are you finally convinced as a beauty professional and are you interested in the business (earning) opportunities? Then we will guide you from A-Z to get started successfully.

Call: +32479458359 or email katleen@cosmentis.com (Please with title: “COLLAGEN”)

What is the ‘collagen elixir’? What’s in this magical bottle?

It is a blend of marine collagen peptides, biotin, vitamin C, zinc, and other ancient botanical ingredients (such as chamomile, aloe vera, goji and acerola berries) to support healthy skin from within.

Click here for the video (2 min) about the collagen elixir. If you like science, this video (13 min) is worth watching.

Which customers can benefit from collagen?

The collagen elixir is the perfect complement to your treatments and/or products for anyone who wants to keep their skin and hair healthy. Only people with a fish allergy are excluded. Pregnant women or customers who take prescription drugs should always consult their doctor first. Of course, good skin care, balanced nutrition and a healthy lifestyle are essential.

Why collagen type 1?

What is the difference with most collagen preparations? There are two types of collagens on the market. Bovine collagen and fish collagen and this in different forms: powders, capsules, effervescent tablets, gummy bears … However, these are often broken down by the stomach, reducing their effectiveness.

The double nutri-technology in the collagen elixir minimizes the breakdown, increasing the effectiveness of your collagen preparation. The fish collagen (Collagen type I) also has a different composition that is more comparable to the structure of human skin.

What ingredients are in the collagen elixir?

  • Marine collagen peptides (5 grams!) Collagen supports a radiant, youthful appearance.
  • Biotin and zinc A boost to support healthy skin, hair and nails
  • Vitamin C Powerful antioxidant to support your natural collagen production
  • A botanical blend with soothing chamomile, hydrating aloe vera and nourishing goji and acerola berries.
  • Naturally sweet. Enriched with wild berries and a hint of herbs

Any questions?

Do you have a question about the sale or use of MEN³? Leave your message via this link and one of our experts will answer you as soon as possible.


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