MEN³ Beard and Face Cleanser


The MEN³ Beard and Face cleanser is a skin-friendly and gentle alternative to soap. This light foaming gel cleans, refreshes and gives your beard a healthy glow.


This cleansing gel removes impurities, oils and dirt in the beard and face. The skin is optimally hydrated and dull beard hairs regain their natural, healthy shine.

Cleaning your skin and beard daily is essential because during the day a lot of impurities and invisible food residues get stuck on the beard hairs, skin and in the pores. Raging micro-organisms cause irritation, itching, flakes, beard dandruff, black dots and inflammation. This cleanser gently removes the impurities.


Visibly healthy and shiny beard hairs and fresh skin due to its cleansing, caring, disinfecting and anti-bacteriological effect.


Use this cleanser preferably while showering. Wet hands, beard and face and foam a small amount of cleanser. Wash your beard hair and face. Leave on for a while and rinse with lukewarm water.


A selection of the 31 caring, purifying, healing, moisturizing, toning and
smoothing ingredients:

  • Vitamin F forte : Nurtures, protects and acts as a skin conditioner.
    Protectes beardhair against breakage and improves the hairstructure.
    Significant improvement of seborrheic and extreme dry skin.
  • Annonasense: Awarded the best innovation in 2021. Will improve skin
    sensitivity especially redness and itching by 60%. AnnonaSense CLR™
    provides the skin with means to establish a sustainable homeostatic
    balance, improving skin health and well-being.
  • Multimoist : This asset is one of the most successful high-end
    moisturizers in the cosmetic industry. That is why we also use it in
    all our all-in one cleansers. This extremely moisturizing ingredient
    also activates the vitamin D receptors, which allows the skin to absorb
    more moisture and spectacularly increases the skin’s hydration level
    (in vivo up to 173% higher after 8 hours compared to placebo). Vitamin
    D deficiency is precisely the problem in the modern world. In addition,
    it immediately provides a caring and spectacularly smooth and soft
    effect on skin and beard hair.
  • Syricalm: this active has a protective and healing effect on the –
    often aggressively treated – skin and beard area caused by frequent
    shaving. SyriCalm is derived from natural souces and helps to reduce
    inflammation and is desighned to give effectiive support wher the skin
    is challenged by enironmental stress such as shaving. It helps the skin
    to recover its natural balance
  • Panthenol: (= Pro Vitamin B5) is a highly moisturizing vitamin that
    also revitalizes, renews and soothes the skin.
  • Tocopherol: (= Vitamin E) is a strong antioxidant and helps to protect
    the skin against free radicals (originating from UVA/UVB), pollution,
  • Kaneka Surfactin: A very mild and natural surfactant (from natural
    fermentation of the bacillus subtilus), biodegradable and
    environmentally friendly. This foam maker has a peptide ring with 7
    amino acids and has no drying effect like the well-known sodium lauryl
    sulphate. Is a cyclic lipopeptide-based biosurfactant produced by a
    harmless microbial, Bacillus subtilis
  • Euroquat CF : A biodegradable surfactant with good foaming effect
    without irritating properties for skin and eyes. Gives an improving
    skin feeling. Euroquat CF is mild amphoteric surfactant, that acts as
    an excellent viscosity booster and foam stabilizer that reduces as wel
  • Euranate LS3: Extremely mild anionic surfactant, is an excellent foam
    booster and foam stabiliser used in a wide range of sensitive skin care
  • Euroglyc AMS: Extremely mild foam stabilizer mainly used in baby

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