MEN³ Pocket Parfum (10 pieces in a set)


The MEN³ man exudes a rugged, innovatively spicy, yet classic scent. The perfect combination of wood and amber, with a subtle touch of leather, makes this perfume irresistibly Attractive.

With this stylish soft-touch perfume atomizer, you always have your favorite fragrance at hand. With its sleek design and compact size, this perfume is perfect for everyday carry. The black perfume atomizer fits perfectly in your inner pocket and is an elegant accessory even on (business) trips.

This matte black soft-touch atomizer is easy to refill.

Here are some tips for using Men³ pocket parfum:

  • Preferably spray your perfume on your clothing from a distance, preferably on the inside of the fabric, such as a scarf or handkerchief, which will retain the scent of your favorite fragrance. Perfume also tends to last longer on clothing
  • Avoid spraying the parfum directly onto your skin. This can be irritating and can also cause the scent to fade quickly.
  • Still want a nice fragrance on your skin? Then use the MEN³ Aftershave & Beard Balm.


How to refill? Click on the video below. Click on the video below.


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