MEN³ Safety Razor


Shaving with the MEN³ safety razor is easy, cheaper and delivers a better result than the standard cartridge razors. The model of the MEN3 safety razor gives you the feeling of the past. It is simple and minimalistic, yet extremely efficient.

So, what is a safety razor, exactly? Is this kind of razor not old fashioned?

Not at all! A safety razor is a traditional shaving tool, known for its single-blades and lavish exterior design. Shaving with the MEN³ safety razor has a lot of benefits. It is cheaper, provides a closer shave and delivers a better result even if you are suffering from skin irritations or problems in the beard area such as eczema, dry flakes, itching, redness and dermatitis.


If you (men or woman) are using the MEN³ safety razor, hold the blade at a 45 degree angle to the skin. Shave the face and neck in the same direction as the hair growth (the direction is not the same for all men).

Unlike cartridge razors, safety razors require a certain technique. Though once you’ve mastered the safety razor, you can look forward to a range of shaving benefits that cartridge razors simply can’t compete with.

Note that combining your safety razor with the right shaving brush and shaving cream also work wonders. If you have a feeling for traditional shaving, then you should not miss the great experience of using the peculiar MEN³ pre shave. A real eye-opener!

Tip: We recommend that you shave immediately after showering. Massage a small amount of the MEN³ pre shave with circular motions and do not rinse. Lather the shaving cream. To get your best shave, you want as thick a lather as you can get; this allows the MEN³ safety razor to glide across the skin, reducing drag and the irritation that follows. Pull skin taut with your non-dominant hand, and gently pull the razor across the skin. If your using the MEN³ safety razor, hold the blade at a 45 degree angle to the skin. Shave the face and neck in the same direction as the hair growth (the direction is not the same for all men).Start by shaving the cheeks to master the new shaving technique. Don’t expect a super-smooth result too quickly when shaving the difficult parts such as whiskers, the edge of your lip and the slit under the nose. Practice makes a man perfect!

The entire 3 step shaving process not only gives you a wonderfully fresh feeling, but also ensures that your skin is as satisfied as it hasn’t been in a long time.


Less Skin Irritation

If you  aren’t using a safety razor for a closer shave, maybe you may use this razor to reduce skin irritations, razor burn and bumps. Rather than having 5 razors dragging over your skin, safety razors only use a single sharp blade.This provides a much smoother shave while reducing razor burn or bumps. So, particularly if you have sensitive skin or are prone to shaving irritations, it might be worth switching to a safety razor.

A closer shave

One of the core reasons why men will use a safety razor is for a closer shave. It’ll require some practice to get the technique right, though once you’ve mastered the safety razor you’ll be able to enjoy the feel of a much closer shave.

Cost effective & Reduce environmental impact

Not only are safety razors great for getting a closer shave and reducing skin problems such as eczema, dry flakes, itching, redness and razor burn, but they’re also very cost-effective.

Due to the top quality of the MEN³ safety razor, this razor is something you purchase once and which you will enjoy for years because this is where the double edged blades come in (i.e. they are sharp on both sides)  that you replace +/- every 5-12 shaves. Such a blade costs an average of € 0.4 each. You can easily save 90% on your shaving budget. The holder is made of steel, which gives it a perfect weight. This makes shaving easier and reduces the risk of cutting as there is no need to press the holder firmly against the skin. Not to mention, safety razors are much more sustainable and eco-friendly.


How to” use the MEN³ safety razor?

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