MEN³ Shaving Brush


Meticulously selected, naturally absorbent animal-friendly horsehair. 

The MEN³ Shaving Brush with black horsehair is the affordable alternative for the “Silvertip Badger” and is unique in its kind. The manufacturing of this brush is a long process. For example: the tips of the brushes are softened in the final process of het production for an exceptional feel on the face.  It is however the know-how and secret of our supplier who has been a worldwide market leader in the manufacture of Luxury Shaving Brushes for years.

The advantage of the MEN³ shaving brush is that this brush can absorb a lot of water, making it much easier to create a great foam compared to a brush made with synthetic hair. Since the MEN³ shaving cream contains a lot of nourishing and healing oils such as Babassu and Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea Butter) and no Sodium Laureth Sulfate*, this shaving brush is highly recommended to make the perfect leather.

Good news for animal lovers too. The black horsehair is cut from the mane and partly the tail of a pure bred black horse that is mainly found in South America, Arabia and in some parts of Spain. So the MEN³ shaving brushes are made 100% cruelty-free with no harm of discomfort to the animals. The “ hair cut” is part of the horses care and hygiene.

Meticulously selected, naturally absorbent animal-friendly horsehair. This brush is your new best friend!

*Sodium laureth sulfate has been implicated in health concerns such as skin irritation.

Tip: The horsehair is always sterilized and disinfected beforehand. That’s why a new brush can have a peculiar smell. It is therefore advisable to first thoroughly clean your brush with water and shaving cream. After about 3 uses, the smell is completely gone. You can also wash the hairs of the shaving brush before first use with a mild baby or hair shampoo.


  1. Wet the brush to saturate the bristles. …squeeze out the excess of water.
  2. Put a small amount of shaving cream onto the middle of the bristles or leather up in a bowl.
  3. Leather up by circular motions an shave.
  4. Don’t forget to rinse the brush after shaving.

The MEN³ shaving brush can last for several years if you maintain it correctly and let it dry with the bristles down.


The right shaving brush plays a major role in traditional wet shaving.
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